What is Lobstah Rockah?

Sea Rose Trap Company has been making lobster traps on the coast of Maine for almost 20 years. In 2011, we started making indoor/outdoor furniture and named the entire furniture line after our very first chair- the Lobstah Rockah.

Part art, part functional furniture, part design project, these chairs are made of the same industrial materials we use to make our traps. They are durable, eye-catching, and the perfect addition to the deck of anyone who wants a piece of coastal Maine right on their doorstep

For more information on Sea Rose Trap Company, visit our website at www.searosetrap.com

Are they comfortable?

Yes! This is always the first question people have when they see our furniture. The answer is almost always “Wow, they sure are!”. Although the chairs are made of industrial, commercial grade materials, because of the innovative design and lots of R&D, people find our furniture deceivingly comfortable.

Are they really made in Maine?

Yes! Sea Rope Trap Company has been making lobster traps in Maine since 1993. All our wire is American made. We have recently opened a second location in Gloucester, Massachusetts, but all furniture production is still done in our factory in Scarborough, Maine. Even the custom-made white cedar rockers are grown and milled near Pittsfield, Maine.

Can you ship them?

Yes! We now offer FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S. on all orders. We are able to ship our pieces via FedEx oversize, or larger orders via freight solutions. If you have any questions about how shipping works please email us at info@lobstahrockah.com

How long does it take to ship/make?

All of our furniture pieces are made custom to order. Typical turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

What is your return policy?

Since all our orders are custom made, we currently can not offer refunds or returns. If something is damaged or incorrect, please email us immediately so we can work with you to fix the error.

Is this the perfect gift for people who are incredibly difficult to shop for?

It sure is. Our furniture are amazing conversation pieces, and looks great on any deck or patio.

Do you make them out of used traps?

We always use brand new materials to ensure quality and consistency. Plus we save time by not having to scrub stubborn barnacles.

Can I choose my own colors?

All of our pieces are made to your exact specifications. You can choose between 6 wire colors and 4 twine colors.

I want a chair, without arms, that’s 14 feet wide, and is made of 4 different colors. Can you make that?

We’d love to try! We’re always excited to work on custom orders. Simply send us an email with your ideas and we will tell you if it’s possible.

How did you come up with the idea to make rocking chairs?

Being a Maine company, every time we needed something in our workshop we would try to make it out of wire before searching for other alternatives. Soon our front desk, tool rack, organizing folders, benches and shelves were all made out of trap wire. Friends and family started asking us to make pieces of furniture for them, and the idea was born.

Can you really leave them outside?

Absolutely! everything that goes into the chair was designed to survive for eight to ten years underwater in the Atlantic Ocean, so they handle a New England winter better than our fishermen!

We recommend you treat our furniture like you would a wooden outdoor furniture piece. If it’s appropriate to bring it inside, you should. As long as you properly care for the wood pieces, your chairs will last for years. Our original prototype is still standing strong on our front porch in Scarborough, Maine since the day it was made in late 2010.

If you do encounter chipping, rust, splintering, etc we recommend you discontinue using the chair.

Can you get bottles / cans / pet cats out of the chairs?

Something we love about the chair is that once you are done with your can or bottle, you can throw it into the compartment underneath your seat. To empty the compartment all you have to do is pop open the trap door at the back of the chair which uses the same closure system we’ve been using in our lobster traps for years.

Do they need cushions?

Some people like to accessorize their pieces with cushions and pillows, but you certainly don’t need one to enjoy the chair.

What is the weight limit on the chair?

We have never had a chair break due to weight. Each piece is made with industrial wire and clips and was designed to be comfortable, durable and above all, strong. And just to prove it here’s a photo of our rocker supporting ~700lbs of local fisherman. (photo coming soon)

Why doesn’t the wood match?

We have tried to incorporate as many functional design aspects of our traps into the furniture. You can find actual escape vents, bait cleats, bridle knots, tie-in string, side heads, bait bags, and runner straps in our various furniture pieces.

All of our arm rests are actual oak runners that are normally placed on the bottom of traps. We pull the runners with the best wood grain, and reshape them to use in our furniture. The bottom rockers are custom made by an outdoor furniture mill in central Maine, using only the highest quality white cedar.